So I’ve been using my script for a few years to quickly gather data whilst on a pentest. The main issue with the old way this script worked was it was not easy to continue a session half way through or to modify the number of running threads.
The new script uses dialog which comes as standard in bt5.

  • arpscan “run arp-scan to create targets.txt”
  • nmap “nmap targets”
  • amap “amap ports found using nmap”
  • sslscan “sslscan targets”
  • gwp “Take photo of web pages found?”
  • snmpscans “Check for default SNMP community strings”
  • snmpget “Get data from SNMP services using known strings”
  • enum4linux “Run enum4linux against targets”
  • smtp “connect to SMTP to check if they allow relaying of mail”
  • uniscan “run uniscan against HTTP(s) ports”
  • nfsscan “connect to nfs services and list contents”

View the code on the github page.

Here are a few photo’s followed by a quick demo video…

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