So we all know how great burpsuite is, but don’t we all hate getting nagged by IE and Firefox about the certificate issues? Well here’s a quick way to add burpsuites CA certificate to them.

Background: During install burpsuite generates a new CA certificate and stores the private key on your machine, if you reinstall you’ll have to repeat the steps to trust the newly generated CA again.

Steps for… Continue reading

A little brain issue prevented me from remembering how to connect to a HTTPS service on the command line. NetCat doesnt seems to work, it just hangs. Fortunately after wasting sometime i recalled how to do it in not one but 2 ways: Option 1 : ncat (part of the nmap tool kit)

12345678910111213root@bt:~# ncat --ssl 443 OPTIONS / HTTP/1.1 HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012… Continue reading

So we’ve all been unlucky enough to have a meterpreter session die on us, and then we’ve all been unlucky enough that we cannot re-exploit the box using the same vulnerability for some reason or another.

No one I know in the White Hat scene likes to use any form of persistence with a payload; and you’d be nuts to use the bind_tcp option through fear of leaving it running.… Continue reading