So today I’ve been playing with python and decided to make an arp ping utility. When i get more time i’ll turn this into a simple arp scanner.

I know that this is all possible using scapy but the idea of this was to teach myself how raw sockets work within python.

This requires netifaces and a few other modules that can usually be obtained using sudo easy_install modulename (you’ll… Continue reading

Today I’ve been writing my first python script. I’m using passlib.hash, unfortunately ubuntu 12.04 comes with version 1.5.3 instead of version 1.6 so there is no support for MsSQL, LM, NTLM, Domain Cached etc…

I don’t like installing packages from source as it’s a bugger to roll back if something goes wrong, so I decided to look into creating a deb package of passlib 1.6.

It’s as simple as:… Continue reading

So you’ve got access to a box but it’s only as a local user and you want SYSTEM like most people, step in As this code was written in python you’ll need a local copy of python on the box in order to priv up.

1234567C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop> Usage: -O TARGET_OS Options:   -h, --help            show this help message and exit  … Continue reading