It’s official, I will no longer be developing GnackTrack.

Due to the release of BackTrack v5 I have decided that it’s no longer worth putting time into maintaining GnackTrack. It was simply taking up too much of my personal time. The reason GnackTrack was started was that I and many others did not enjoy using KDE when performing thier hacking. I have always been a Gnome fan so wanted a platform that i could test from using Gnome. Installing Gnome ontop of BackTrack v4 was just too much of a headache so GnackTrack was created and shared for others.

Developing GnackTrack has been great fun, and i would like to thank all those that contributed to the project. You are still able to download version R6 which is based on Ubuntu 10.10 but it is no longer supported or developed on.

I will now personally be using BackTrack v5 Gnome but there are many other great distributions such as BlackBuntu and BackBox.

Since using BackTrack I have found that there are many missing tools that I have been used to in GnackTrack. If you find this is the same for you then please feel free to use my script in order to add the missing programs and convert BackTrack into a bleeding edge distro. It does this by removing software that was installed using debian packages and replacing lots of them with svn sources. What this means is that you will not have to wait until the BackTrack developers add the latest versions to the repos, instead you can just update them using the scipt.

You can get your hands on the script by visiting the page here:

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  • Adam says:

    Hi phillips,

    I am one of GnackTrack user, because i have been using it for long but u know today when i wanted to see your latest GnackTrack development then i found you have stopped developing it..:-SS

    If you don’t mind I would love to continue your GnackTrack project..:D
    But for that you have to support me in few things only.


  • falconflame says:

    While I used backtrack 4R2, my brother used gnacktrack. And he told me that it was so magnificent to use this gnacktrack distro. Back then when i first knew linux, I used Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (Gnome desktop), ever since that time, for me gnome environtment I like it the most.

    I’ve never had the chance to use this gnacktrack distro because I’ve had to work in remote area without internet connection for almost two years.

    Then when I come back to this internet connection, everything’s changing so fast. I found that gnacktrack is no longer being developped, and backtrack is having gnome environment now.

    But above all, thanks for your great creation, and good luck in future

  • Blaguvest says:
    • c0rb4 says:

      Hello THX 4 the distro – is really good. Such disto i’m looking for a long time after the disappearance of Gnacktrack & Blackbuntu. Keep up good work!!!


  • HamzRov Hv says:

    :'( Ohhh NO NO NO NO :'(
    I Just 20 day discovered this great distribution … but now !!!! you are destroy my heart 🙁
    Thanks phillips321 and good luck.

  • pemula says:

    I had problems in wireless wifi. I use tp-link tl-wn422g. how to use them in a way gnacktrack. thank you

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  • 17 says:

    thank you brother Philip, lately I’m busy taking care of college. I took time yesterday, I tried adding a bit applications on the system, upgrading and adding some pentest tools, make some changes to the PPA and mngganti kernel. to change the system of the newer Ubuntu I have not tried. I have not been remastering because there is still conflict in pci_root – video ROM.

  • Blaguvest says:

    Security for fans from making the security system. 12:04 Ubuntu on the board. near of the version in alpha for the nearly 150 offers security tools.

    Did you easily install and update programs with Ubuntu Software Centre

    Runs easily on a USB flash memory and hard disk SecurityTrack make installation easier.

    I would recommend you to try for those who like to use Xfce4 desktop.

    Official Web Site:

    Download Address:

  • 17 says:

    I used it, maybe i’ll try to continue gnacktrack

    • phillips321 says:

      This would be great for the community. What support I can offer, I would be more than able to help with the hand over.

      • Tyler Riddle says:


        has anyone actually decided to continue this? if you would allow it, i would love to do so. I have a few friends who may be able to help. I thought it best to ask your permission first, as you are the author.
        Send me an email, or drop a reply if you have time.

        Tyler Riddle

        • phillips321 says:

          No one has continued the project as of yet but if you are willing to do so I am more than happy to help out with what ever I can.

          • Tyler Riddle says:

            Thanks For The Reply,

            I have some friends who do this kind of thing, so I should be able to figure it out. Is there any specific direction you were taking it? Aside from the obvious usage, is there anything you would like added??


  • Ayman says:


    Sorry to hear that too …

    Years ago .. I hated Linux .. I was just thinking that XP is better using and we can also hack using WINDOWS XP …etc

    but when i discovered GnackTrack ! I really liked it !

    Yes of coorse there is backtrack 5 now ! which work on Gnome ! BUT Gnack track is BETTER !

    I know i’m selfish cause it was a real lost of time for you .. but for millions ! it was great from you .. and millions were appreciating you !

    note that backtrack 5 is a real mess ! back track 4 is better (for professional who loves KDE)


    Gnacktrack is the best !

    Ayman from Morocco 🙂

  • Heart says:

    Sorry to hear that you cancelled this project. I followed it from it’s early stages because I too prefer the Gnome interface, but wanted to test with BackTrack.

    Thanks for developing it for as long as you did. I know I’m not in alone in gratitude that you supplied something for the BackTrack and Gnome fans prior to the release of V5.

    Good luck in your future ventures.

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