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PHP NMAP Scan Page

So I got thinking this weekend that I wanted a simple service to allow me to port scan myself from a remote location. I decided I could SSH on to a box but then i’d need to transmit creds etc… … Continue reading

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Python Port Scanner – nmap.py

So I decided to write a simple python port scanner but I wanted it to support to TCP, UDP, port ranges (22,23,135-139,443,445,3389 etc) and IP ranges(, 192.168.10-20, example.com) I also wanted to limit the libraries I used for use on … Continue reading

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Creating a debian package from source – checkinstall

So on 21st May 2012 version 6 of nmap was released. Only issue is that they dont seem to release a deb package for it. No big deal we’ll just have to build our own (tested on BT5r2 32+64bit)… 1234567891011echo … Continue reading

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