Okay, so the first thing you’re wondering is “Why the hell would you want to do this?

Well the answer becomes more obvious when the scenario is set: You’re on a social engineering job and you’ve managed to gain access to the target building, you walk around for a bit to see if any of the desks look free. After a while you decide to sit down at… Continue reading

So every time the BackTrack development team release a new version I download it and use it from fresh. I don’t like following the dist-upgrade route as I’ve had trouble in the past and it’s a good idea to get a clean build now and again.

I used to maintain a script but just don’t have the time. Instead I just use this script here:

I’ll walk through… Continue reading

Just downloaded and started playing with BackTrack 5 R2 but there is still plenty of tools missing, you would have thought they would have took a look at my script and added most of the bits I have fixed in my script… what do they do with their time???

Anyway, until I update the script to work with BT5r2 I have quickly put together a list of my… Continue reading