For those that can’t be bothered to read this post and just want the code, please see here.

So myself and Rich Hicks finally got around to talking about the work we had done with the Teensy. An ATMega, USB-based Microcontroller sold by

I started work on this back in 2011 but didn’t take it any further until Rich came on board towards the end of 2011. We… Continue reading

1. NFTF Quickie – VBS Funtimes – Run Scripts? Get Prompt This is probably a duplicate somewhere but wanted it noted for my own use anyway – here’s a very handy VBS that does the job nicely for accessing useful commands as a user on a locked down desktop. Using VBS to fire up FTP as a local command shell

12Run ftp... CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Run "cmd.exe /k ftp"

Using the above and… Continue reading