So there is the Hak5 LanTutle which is a great bit of kit. However I feel it is severely limited by the lack of onboard WiFi. The same for Mubix‘s post ‘Snagging Creds from locked machines…

First off, buy yourself an PiZeroW. You’ll also need a MicroSD card and something to read/write it.

Download latest image of raspbian lite and copy it to the MicroSD

1sudo dd… Continue reading

For those that can’t be bothered to read this post and just want the code, please see here.

So myself and Rich Hicks finally got around to talking about the work we had done with the Teensy. An ATMega, USB-based Microcontroller sold by pjrc.com

I started work on this back in 2011 but didn’t take it any further until Rich came on board towards the end of 2011. We… Continue reading

So i was lucky enough to be given a teensy 2.0 with a microSD reader by David (ReL1L) Kennedy whilst i was at B-Sides Vegas. Lucky me!

After a quick chat with Dave he mentioned that the teensy was a “send to PC” only device. This got me thinking. If it’s possible for a normal keyboard to read the state of the Caps, Scroll and Num locks from the… Continue reading