So I was on a locked down Linux system this week with the inability to import any tools and I had to prove that strings could be identified in memory of certain processes.

Fortunately CentOS was installed which had gdb along with it so I took to writing a script to automate this work for me. (I had to test the processes in a number of different scenarios)

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So after using csharp to inject shellcode I wanted to see what other languages were able to directly write to and call memory locations.

As I’ve been working my way through The SecurityTube Python Scripting Expert course I decided it made sense to see if it was possible with python.

A quick google found me a href=”” target=”_blank”>this post by Debasish. FULL credit for this work goes to Debasish, this post is purely… Continue reading

First off, credit for this work goes to n3k @kiqueNissim and X_Typhon @lintuxt who produced an excellent paper here.

These notes are not to take anything away from the two mentioned above but are purely for my own reference (I find writing things up helps me to remember it), I strongly suggest reading the white paper as it goes into much more detail than I will here.

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