So I decided to write a simple python port scanner but I wanted it to support to TCP, UDP, port ranges (22,23,135-139,443,445,3389 etc) and IP ranges(, 192.168.10-20, example.com)

I also wanted to limit the libraries I used for use on locked down systems, thus, we only use socket, sys and argparse.

The first thing to do was get the code working for a single host and then slowly add bits… Continue reading

Writeup by scriptmonkey: Onesixtyone’s origional developer (phreedom.org – 404) produced the great piece of code that was modified by Portcullis here. Unfortunately onesixtyone has never supported obscure ports and insteads is fixed using UDP port 161.

We’ll modify the code the allow a custom port using the -p flag

Wanted to add it as a custom flag so added it to the structure which stores the command line options… Continue reading