So I wanted to identify quickly character frequency in a text file and quickly throw this out as a bar chart.

As I enjoy python it made sense to code it in python. The bar chart uses the pyplot bits from matplotlib.

It was also important to import collections because dictionaries are unordered and the bar chart would not display in alphabetical order.

12345C:\Users\phillipsme\Desktop\python>python.exe cipher.txt OrderedDict([('a', 135), ('b',… Continue reading

Quiet often people ask me to bruteforce a hash for them. My usual response after the obligatory; where did you get the hash from? is “I’ll run a few dictionaries against it unless you provide me with a charset and length!”

For those that don’t understand it needs to be made clear exactly what bruteforce cracking means.

Lets just say we have a four character pin that can only… Continue reading