So the Juniper Netscreen/SSG ScreenOS password hash is a bit of a hidden mystery. I had in my hand the config of a Netscreen device and I wanted to perform a reverse of the password hashes to see if they were weak.

In this case here’s the line from the config:

1set admin user "admin" password "nAePB0rfAm+Nc4YO3s0JwPHtRXIHdn" privilege "all"

John The ripper has supported Netscreen passwords since back in 2008… Continue reading

Simply drop in your backtrack5 CD or USB and boot from the inserted media. Once booted type startx, you can do everything from the console but it’s nicer to have a pretty GUI!

Left click Places at the top and then click on the windows partition you wish to mount. Then open a terminal and first of all use bkhive to dump the syskey bootkey from the windows hive.… Continue reading