So I use CherryTree to keep my notes. What I like about it is the tree structure that allows me to easily find my notes, and if I cant I simply use the search function. I used to use Evernote but found it bloated. The good thing about CherryTree is it’s open source and runs using python. You can find out more about the project at the GitHub page here… Continue reading

The other weekend I wrote some notes on how to quickly spin up an IPv6 test lab. The idea for this was to allow me to write a custom tool to enumerate hosts that respond to IPv6 neighbour discovery on my local network. I then wanted that tool to identify the corresponding IPv4 address for that host (if there is one). And finally, identify if the IPv6 address is… Continue reading

So I’ve been out of the GPU cracking game for a while as I’ve been running a MacBook on OS X.

After doing a little digging tonight and reading up on the latest version of hashcat (v3.00) it became apparent to me that hashcat now runs on OS X platforms. At last! Thanks to @hashcat (atom) for making the software open source!

For those of you wanting to get… Continue reading